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Hello and Thank You for checking out my page!
My name is Janet and I strive to get more people in their kitchens. I want you to feel confident that you can create something delicious, dangerous and dare I say pretty? With my learning coming from Wal Mart, Wedekings Bakery, Piggly Wiggly and Baskin Robbins I had countless managers selling cakes without integrity, expired product, frost bitten, coming out of a freezer made months ago, not in my kitchen! In the past 6 years I've gotten out of my comfort zone and was able to accomplish a great deal. We've survived our first wedding cake order, pop up events, crazy custom orders have made tiny waves in the culinary cannabis industry very proudly serving some kind folks at Weed Maps, We have also gotten re-shares from Raw Papers and even a feature on Koko Nuggz website. Follow us on Twitter(@chingonacakes), Instagram(@chingonacakes), Tik Tok(@bakedchingona), Facebook(@chingonacakes) and YouTube(@chingonacakes).
Much love, Janet.


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Charities we've donated to through auctions in              the cannabis community:

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