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Free E(dible) Zine

Updated: Jul 2

Whether you are living in a dry state/ country or are trying to save money this will walk you through making your own food medicine in addition to helping you dip your toes into grasping dosages and the science of feeling good and eating good. Rule of thumb is to never exceed a 10:1 ratio 10 parts being your recipe 1 part being the infused sugar, butter, oil, alcohol, etc. Though the bitter cannabis taste is muted through activation and infusing we can't promise your edible will be enjoyable if you push the ratio its kind of like spicy food it is a spice anyway!

Zine instructions:

Print 8 square collage above, fold along lines, unfold, fold in half hamburger style cutting along one center square. Unfold, there should be a 2 square split centerfold. Fold hot dog style, holding two outer squares taut push in the center squares to create a book below in the video is the correct order if you get confused.

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