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Infused Gummies

These are store bought swedish fish pictured on the right made with flower infused coconut oil on the left concentrate infused coconut oil. As you can see there is a dullness in color a bit with the flower infused coconut oil and the edges arent as sharp. Feel free to use any silicone gummies and mold or roll into a snake and use oiled scissors to portion out when solid. My mold was found on amazon $15!

1/4 cup YOUR choice gummies (makes 10-12 leaf)

1 tsp infused coconut oil

Microwave + Butterknife+Parchment Paper

Place gummies in a spouted and microwave safe shallow/small container on DEFROST 15 seconds, stir to break down not all gummie melt the same. Repeat until fully melted, add infused coconut oil until fully incorporated. Fill molds refrigerate 1 hour, freeze 1 hour and demold frozen. Check your town’s humidity for the dry time low humidity only requires a 12 hours dry high humidity needs the full 24 hour dry.

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