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Infused Sugar

Updated: May 2

Not all sugar is created equally, some are made with oil that will not work for beverages and most are infused using tincture. You will need 1/2-1g concentrated product either keif, hash or wax and ever clear alcohol OR a high proof vodka. Activate product(refer to pdf), infuse 1 tsp of alcohol into product on low heat I use the DEFROST setting on the microwave in 4 second intervals once you see the alcohol go from clear to milky white you can add to your sugar. Since it is CONCENTRATE made I recommend 1 cup of sugar minimum.

Below are the AVERAGE doses for 1 gram of product : 1 cup sugar

400mgs Kief 25mgs per TBS

600mgs Hash 37.5mgs per TBS

800mgs Concentrate oil/ wax/dabs/badder 50 mgs per TBS

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